Cultivating A MeaningFULL Life

Today I am exploring the idea of living my life to the fullest. What that really means to me, and how to move more towards that place, by surrendering to my fears, embracing situations, and allowing things to naturally unfold with ease and non-resistance.

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Some simple things I like to be remind myself of, those that could enrich my experiences, and my everyday life, making it more meaningFULL:

Smile More 🙂 – Laugh More – Give more hugs – PLAY – AKA learn from my children and unleash my inner child (I’ll save that for another for another blog post)

Try not to take life so seriously All.The.Time

Enjoy every moment, even the hard ones, as each one is truly a gift

Make the best out of any situation

Embrace NEW experiences

Be Fearless, Calm, & Compassionate

Let it go and let it flow

Be TRUE to yourself

Wow! I really could go on & on with this list. I feel better just getting it out there and reading it myself. The power of intention!!! Love it!

I’d love to hear from you too! Please leave a comment below with some of your simple reminders for living a more meaningFULL life.

LIVE Beautifully ~ DREAM Passionately ~ LOVE Completely

xoxo ~ Corinna

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