Mandalas For Healing & Raising Your Vibration

Throat Chakra

There are many uses for a mandala.  I personally create my mandalas with a mixture of intuition and intention.  Making them visually appealing so that any irritating or negative thoughts are unable to get through, a spiritual essence surrounds the individual observing or in the presence of the mandala, which in turn allows the individual to attain a higher level consciousness or awareness.

Mandalas are primarily used as a form of meditation to gain knowledge from within.  Additionally, my original works are infused with healing energies & intentions that will illuminate the space it resides in, whether or not the individual is focusing on it. They are made with the intention to raise the vibration of its space, bringing a sense of peace to all those in its presence.

If you are interested in having a custom mandala created specifically for you, I am currently scheduling consultations. Please email me  at for an appointment via phone, skype or email, or you can click on the link below.

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Thrive True E-zine Spring 2016

What a divinely timed release of the first every Thrive True E-Zine issue that I am honored to have contributed to. My dear friend Julia Osterc of Thrive True lovingly put this together as a beautifully and inspiring offering for Earth Day. Filled with beautiful and inspiring ART & SOUL from Julia herself along with other contributing artists – A true treat that will not disappoint.

You can download the latest copy by clicking the picture below. (It may take a bit to download as is is jam packed with magic)

Please share the love and feel free to share this offering with as many souls as you can – Lets all work together to help raise the vibration or our world – it is our job after all 😉



Thrive in Harmony – With Nature, with Life, with Love.




Shine your Light


Do you find yourself asking, “What is the purpose of my life” or “What am I supposed to do?”

Each one of us is made up of light or energy. All we have to do is tap into that and let it shine.
Each one of us has a job to raise the vibration of this planet.

If you find yourself wondering about your life purpose, think about how you can raise the vibration and go out and do it.

It doesn’t have to be complicated at all, a simple smile and hello to a stranger is a perfect way to shine your light.

Try this little exercise: Sit down with your journal an answer the following questions:

What do I have to offer?
What skills do I have that someone else would love to learn?
How can I help someone today?
How can I help someone right now?

Now, look at your answers – choose one (or more if you are feeling it) and take action. Do it! Go make it happen and shine your light.

Try that every day for a week, maybe a month. See what you uncover about yourself, journal about it, allow yourself to go on this journey of self-discovery as your light comes forth.

I would love to hear about what comes up for you. Please feel free to share in the comment section or email me at

All the NEW is being welcomed and Embraced with Open Arms and a Grateful Heart

It certainly has been a while since I’ve posted. In all honesty, I get really burnt out over the holiday season. I have been taking some time off to recover and slow down, but am finally feeling the energy rising to the surface. I can feel that good things are brewing and I am so excited to welcome them into my life.

Our Mixed Media Mythology Course is off to a great start. This is one of our students, Laura Dalgarno-Platt‎’s, interpretation of Freya from the course. Just stunning don’t you think?



I was also excited this morning when I received the message that I was the featured artist this morning on the blog Artist Strong.  You can read my interview here.

Well I’m off now for a nice energy clearing workout before I head out to the studio to unleash some inspiration that’s been building up. Wishing you all a wonderful day.

Strength and Courage

Mandala for Strength & Courage. Print available here



Now Scheduling Custom Healing Mandalas & Energy Readings into January 2016



One of the things I do as an intuitive artist is to create mandalas that bring a specific energy into your space to assist you in your healing process. From self-growth, to removing blocks, healing your body, balancing your chakras & manifesting your dreams.

I connect with your energy field & am able to channel the energy needed to assist you on your current path.

I also include an energy reading with specific messages from the universe to you.

I have one spot left for 2015 and am now scheduling into January 2016. Prices start at $288 depending on the size of the painting you would like. Contact me now to order your custom healing Mandala & Energy Reading & to schedule your consult.

Love & Light ~ Corinna

Winner Chosen for The Mixed Media Mythology E-Course!


Last Monday I announced that I would be giving away a spot in the Mixed Media Mythology E-Course that I have teamed up with 6 other amazing artists to create.

I have chosen a winner based off the comments left on my blog post as well as shares on social media….and the winner is…..

Kerry Cutler

Congratulations Kerry!!! Please contact me with your email so we can get you all set up! Yeah!!!

It truly makes me happy to be able to do this! I truly thank everyone for participating and encourage you to join us on our magical journey together! Please consider signing up for the course HERE


Have a great week friends!

xoxoxo ~ Corinna

Mixed Media Mythology Ecourse Giveaway!


Last week I gave you a little intro and sneak peak into the Mixed Media Mythology Course I will be offering along with 6 other fantastic artists.

This week, I am going to be giving away a place in this course absolutely free, for one lucky reader! all you have to do is comment on this post telling me why you’d like to win a spot.

Plus, you can enter to win by sharing some social media love too. simply copy and paste this link on Facebook and tag me (Corinna Maggy Designs) to get yourself an extra entry!

I will announce the winner on Friday, November 13th, here on my blog. So make sure to check back to see if you’ve won!

and in case you want to grab your place on the course right away, here’s the link to the page where you can read more and sign straight up – no waiting!

This would also make a fantastic Christmas present! There are gift certificates available as well!

I hope you’ll be able to join us for this fantastic course – it’s going to be wonderful!


November Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude Poem on Dreamcatcher

I may be a little late on the gratitude challenge, but hey, better late then never right?

In my Facebook coaching group Soul Shine Sisterhood, I am hosting a daily gratitude challenge for the month of November.

I challenge you to post each day under the daily gratitude challenge post – 3 things that you are grateful for. Let’s dig deep and realized how rich we all are. I find this exercise more challenging than it sounds and am looking forward to the growth it will bring and look forward to having you join me.

You never know who you may inspire when you share from your soul.

~ Corinna Maggy

Soul Shine Sisterhood Banner

The group is free to join and is a safe place for women to gather, share, learn and grow together. It is a private group so you will need to request to join and wait for approval (usually within 24 hours)

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Mixed Media Mythology Ecourse


I am so excited to announce the Mixed Media Mythology Ecourse!
I have been working hard along with 6 other lovely ladies to create this course that will begin on January 1, 2016.
(From the MMM Website)

What is Mixed Media Mythology all about?

Mixed Media Mythology is an 8 part course, and a magical journey through the strengths and graces of a series of mythological characters. We will use these Goddesses as a wonderful way to celebrate our own inner goddess selves.

We will connect with these myths and deities and and spend many happy hours bringing them to life – in art journals, on canvas and on vintage papers.

We will be learning about a whole range of Goddesses from ancient mythology and learning more about their strengths and what they were worshipped for. We will use this inspiration to help us connect with our own strengths, our own superpowers. To help us understand the reasons why we ourselves should be worshipped too! 😉

Who is this course perfect for?

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to be more creative and to invite more art into their lives. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced artist you will definitely find lots to inspire you. Each lesson contains detailed information and easy to follow video instructions.

There will be PDF’s and videos detailing the supplies you will need, plus a PDF you can use to find out more about each mythological character as you connect with her and begin to represent her in your art work. There will also be warm up activities for some lessons, with extra creative ideas to whet your appetite and guided meditations for other lessons.

It will be a totally supported journey through a landscape of powerful and magical characters from history – and you will be able to hone your creative skills and learn lots of new techniques along the way.

Sign Up Here:

Resiliency – Moving Onward

Mandala for Resiliency original and prints available
Mandala for Resiliency original and prints available

A little bit of caffeine and a whole lot of soul.

Mandala for Resiliency

Resilient –
1. The ability to become strong, healthy or successful again after something bad happens
2. Recovering easily and quickly from shock, illness, hardship, etc; irrepressible

This mandala has been a very powerful instument in our home over the last few days. This past week has been a roller coaster ride of emotions. (read why here) Between feeling super positive and stoked for new doors that will open and have been opening because of this, and feeling just sick to my stomach.

Everytime I begin to feel down & out – I sit with this mandala. The energy I put into it at the time that I was creating it, floods my body and lifts me back up. It reminds me to keep my head up, to stay strong. It reminds me that I am choosing the path of a warrior, not of a victim. It reminds me that I am STRONG, I am Resiliant, that we will move past this and come out on the other side even stronger and better off than we were.

Embrace the harmony of life’s ceaseless chaos, for our brightest hope is often born from the darkest places. – Becca Lee

I believe that everything happens for a reason. There is a bigger reason why this has happend to us. Knowing and Accepting that, helps with moving forward. I have my sights set on the amazing things to come, and the possibilities and doors that this has opened up.

Here’s to facing each day with an open HEART & open Mind.


Love & Light