Finding Strength, Courage & the Ability to Forgive & Move Forward

Over the weekend, our store was robbed – They stole pretty much everything we have worked so hard for over the last 6 years while living a very modest life, putting everything into the inventory that is now lost. So please pray for us.

This is a Mandala for Strength and Courage that I painted the other day to help with the healing process.

Every day we are facing this painful reality and, even though it is hard as hell, we are moving forward because in our hearts, it is the ONLY option. We can choose to be victims in situations like this – or we can choose to be warriors – We choose the later – It is hard, it is a roller coaster ride Every.Single.Day – But this is our life, our passion, our love – and we CHOOSE this life.

I found myself wondering why this happened to us – as we have had roadblocks like this in the past – I found myself comparing our life to those who seem to live relatively safe/uneventful lives. The answer then came to me. We are entrepreneurs, we are risk takers. We choose this path and it will come with the good, the bad, and the ugly. But that is who we are, and I don’t think it will ever change. We are strong – We pull through everything, we have our lives our health, our family, and lots to be grateful for. Yes, this is a painful experience. Yes, we wake up and go to sleep everyday feeling sick to our stomach, but we will keep moving forward, because that’s just how we roll.

Please consider contributing to and/or spreading awareness of our recovery fund

Thank you friends – Love & Light


Flash Friday SALE

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted….August – Septemberis always a busy time for me with Birthdays, Our Wedding Anniversary and Back to School! My head was spinning for a bit there but things seem to be calming down a bit now…until the holiday rush begins!

As a Thank you to all my customers for being so AWESOME this week (and always) I am celebrating all your AWESOMENESS (yes I like to make up words too)
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XOXO ~ Corinna

Endless Summer Sale


The last few weeks of summer have been busy, Sorry for the lack of posts. We just got back from a little quick end of summer getaway and soaking up these last moments with the kiddos before they head back to school on Tuesday. It will be bittersweet for sure, but I have lots of catching up to do. While I will miss them like crazy, it will be nice to have some uninterrupted work time to concentrate and get back into the flow.

click here to shop Jewelry and Save:
click here to shop Jewelry and Save:

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I am looking forward to sharing some exciting news with you in the upcoming weeks! Lots of fun stuff going on over in my little world…Big Messages, New Opportunities, Exciting Exposure and New Beginnings!

Rain, Nature, Lessons & My Weekly Giveaway Winner Announced

It has been such a rainy week here in Florida. I admittedly have really enjoyed it, as we were not affected by the flooding. I found it to be purifying calming and justified just staying home. We did get a few breaks, where the sun peaked through, and you bet I got outside to soak up that sunshine 🙂 The cooler temps that the weather has brought has been a plus as well! I got this beautiful shot of these magnificent flowers while out on a run. Aren’t the colors stunning? I love being able to connect with nature. Nature has so much to offer us. Healing, comforting, nurturing…I feel like I am being hugged by our breathing, living planet every time I’m in it. I embrace these moments with all of my heart and soul.


Every morning after my morning yoga session. I like to draw a card from my Earth Magic Oracle Deck to set my mood and intentions for my day. Sometimes I even find inspiration for my future works of art.

Prints and products of “Dream Higher Than The Sky and Deeper Than The Sea” can be purchased here:

This is a shot of my little alter. One of the cards I drew this week that had profound meaning to me is Mountain, a reminder of strength, to hold our ground. There is a peice in the works that has indeed been inspired by this very card. More on that coming soon!

20150718_111045 (1)

This weeks GIVEAWAY winner for a pair of my tree of life earrings is:

Lisa Coomer Queen

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~ Corinna

Two Giveaways

I usually hold weekly giveaways over on my Facebook page but this week I am going to try something new and have it here on my Blog!

This week I will be giving away a pair of my Tree Of Life Earrings, available for purchase in my ETSY Store. Winner will be chosen and posted on my blog on Friday 8/7.


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{{{Fine Print: Winner will be posted on my blog on Friday 8/7. Winner will have 48 hours to contact me and claim their prize. Winner will pay postage, must be 18 years of age or older to participate.}}}

20150718_111045 (1) 

The other Giveaway that I would like to announce is from the beautiful Pixie Lighthorse. She is an amazing woman doing amazing things and am so excited to share this with you! She is giving away a spot in her Visual Quest online painting course. She will be posting the winner tomorrow!

From the class description on the Visual Quest website:

Come meet your spiritual guides & helpers!

Visual Quest is a Five Week Art and Spirit Intensive with Pixie Lighthorse. She will guide you through her personal process of shamanic painting and point you toward your totems and helpers!

“This class is a convergence of everything I know about spirit and art all rolled into one. Creative living and spiritual practice represents all that’s mysterious, alive and juicy in every one of us. I’ve been painting for twenty-three years, and I’ve watched my practice become more reflective of my deep Self, and less of my ‘ideas’ about what would make a good painting. This freeing process is release, it’s color and spirit in motion, it’s a deep embrace of What Is, and an intentional honoring of life itself.”

[vimeo 82198513 w=500 h=281]

Head on over to her blog for a chance to enter and win a spot. Good Luck!!!

Cultivating A MeaningFULL Life

Today I am exploring the idea of living my life to the fullest. What that really means to me, and how to move more towards that place, by surrendering to my fears, embracing situations, and allowing things to naturally unfold with ease and non-resistance.

Live, Dream, Love can be purchased here:

Some simple things I like to be remind myself of, those that could enrich my experiences, and my everyday life, making it more meaningFULL:

Smile More 🙂 – Laugh More – Give more hugs – PLAY – AKA learn from my children and unleash my inner child (I’ll save that for another for another blog post)

Try not to take life so seriously All.The.Time

Enjoy every moment, even the hard ones, as each one is truly a gift

Make the best out of any situation

Embrace NEW experiences

Be Fearless, Calm, & Compassionate

Let it go and let it flow

Be TRUE to yourself

Wow! I really could go on & on with this list. I feel better just getting it out there and reading it myself. The power of intention!!! Love it!

I’d love to hear from you too! Please leave a comment below with some of your simple reminders for living a more meaningFULL life.

LIVE Beautifully ~ DREAM Passionately ~ LOVE Completely

xoxo ~ Corinna

Finding Peace plus a Giveaway!

This week over on my Facebook page I am giving away a set of 12 cruelty free bangle bracelts and a tree of life bangle to complete the set 🙂 Head on over to checkout the details on how to enter. Winner will be chosen on Friday 7/24 on my Facebook page. You can earn extra entries by doing following:

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These bracelets are available for purchase here:
These bracelets are available for purchase here:

I recently took an online workshop by Kelly Rae Roberts called Mixed Media Mantras and before that I took a class by a new friend, Julia over at LovingRd, called Painting Prayers. My experinece for both were similar where I would have a mantra or saying in mind that I would (or would like to) cultivate within myself, in my home, or for others. I have carried both of those workshop with me in my latest peices which I have been really enjoying. I find it both inspiring and healing at the same time. Here is my latest completed piece called “Peace” as in: I need to create some peace in my life in this moment 😉

The original as well as prints of
The original as well as prints of “Peace” are available for purchase here:

I find the colors very calming. They kind of take me back to when I lived in Arizona, so I would say, mission accomplished 🙂 I took a deep breath and found my peace. I like the idea of one word mantras, so I think I may play with that concept some more with my upcoming pieces.

So excited to bring you more. Loving this journey, and thank you for joining me on this beautiful road.

xoxo ~ Corinna

Surrender, Trust & Allow For New Beginnings To Unfold

Print of this image availabe for purchase here:
Print of this image availabe for purchase here:

So I finally did it! After weeks of contemplating, I finally started my blog! In this one spot you can access shopping for my jewelry and art lines!!! It’s still a work in progress so bare with me, it will be updated with posts on a regular basis as I am really excited with all I have to share!
This is really big for me as I have been a little nervous about unleashing my art into the big open world, but here I am and ready to share! be sure to check out my about me page and sign up for my newsletter as well!

I released a new line of cruelty free, vegan bangle bracelets this week as well!

These bracelets are available for purchase here:
These bracelets are available for purchase here:
Faux Leather Bangles Collage
These cruelty free vegan bangle bracelets are available for purchase here:

Not quite sure how I am getting so much accomlished with my girls home for the summer but I’m just going to roll with it.

Surrender, Trust & Allow

xoxo ~ Corinna

We like to travel the creative road together <3