Finding Peace plus a Giveaway!

This week over on my Facebook page I am giving away a set of 12 cruelty free bangle bracelts and a tree of life bangle to complete the set 🙂 Head on over to checkout the details on how to enter. Winner will be chosen on Friday 7/24 on my Facebook page. You can earn extra entries by doing following:

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These bracelets are available for purchase here:
These bracelets are available for purchase here:

I recently took an online workshop by Kelly Rae Roberts called Mixed Media Mantras and before that I took a class by a new friend, Julia over at LovingRd, called Painting Prayers. My experinece for both were similar where I would have a mantra or saying in mind that I would (or would like to) cultivate within myself, in my home, or for others. I have carried both of those workshop with me in my latest peices which I have been really enjoying. I find it both inspiring and healing at the same time. Here is my latest completed piece called “Peace” as in: I need to create some peace in my life in this moment 😉

The original as well as prints of
The original as well as prints of “Peace” are available for purchase here:

I find the colors very calming. They kind of take me back to when I lived in Arizona, so I would say, mission accomplished 🙂 I took a deep breath and found my peace. I like the idea of one word mantras, so I think I may play with that concept some more with my upcoming pieces.

So excited to bring you more. Loving this journey, and thank you for joining me on this beautiful road.

xoxo ~ Corinna