My Internal Journey of Intuitive Creativity

I like to think of my art making process as a perfect combination of free intuitive expression with just the right mix of intention. A healing journey that takes place within each layer of each painting.

Internal JourneyofIntuitiveCreativity

For example, I start with prayer, meditation, and connecting to my inner self, my soul…and I listen to what it has to tell me…from there I just go with what feels right. I choose the colors that I feel attracted too and sometimes I make a horrible muddy mess, but that is 100% ok, because I can choose to change it and celebrate it’s impermanence…then I start to think about how that can be applied to my life…right here right now, in the future, or a past experience…and the healing process begins…Sometimes I will use that experience as a journal prompt and let my feelings flow. I may also take this time to intuitively sketch – and discover some new symbols, shapes, words or designs or even revisit old ones that I may have been connecting with for some time now….which will transfer back into my work.

In this journey that I take – I go deep within and allow that to translate into my work – a form of expression without speaking – allowing the colors and symbolism to communicate and heal on a deeper level, on a soul level.

I will be teaching this process in my upcoming online workshop “Journey of Intuitive Creativity” If this sounds like sounds like something that resonates with you, if you would like to experience this healing journey through intuitive art & creativity – If you would like to get to know yourself on a deeper level – or just explore some new ways to find inspiration on your creative path – I would be honored to have your join me on this deeply healing journey of self discovery & expression. This course is for absolutely everybody – no prior experience is necessary. Sign up below to get on my waiting list and be the first to know about early bird pricing.

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Shine your Light


Do you find yourself asking, “What is the purpose of my life” or “What am I supposed to do?”

Each one of us is made up of light or energy. All we have to do is tap into that and let it shine.
Each one of us has a job to raise the vibration of this planet.

If you find yourself wondering about your life purpose, think about how you can raise the vibration and go out and do it.

It doesn’t have to be complicated at all, a simple smile and hello to a stranger is a perfect way to shine your light.

Try this little exercise: Sit down with your journal an answer the following questions:

What do I have to offer?
What skills do I have that someone else would love to learn?
How can I help someone today?
How can I help someone right now?

Now, look at your answers – choose one (or more if you are feeling it) and take action. Do it! Go make it happen and shine your light.

Try that every day for a week, maybe a month. See what you uncover about yourself, journal about it, allow yourself to go on this journey of self-discovery as your light comes forth.

I would love to hear about what comes up for you. Please feel free to share in the comment section or email me at